Wednesday, July 20, 2011


       It has been a long tym since i wrote something to share. I just got to come across this kind of stuff and thought to give it a try. In fact exploring oneself is more like digging, once u start digging u get more else it just remains. My 10 day challenge goes here :)

       Am usually very outspoken and people who are close to my heart almost know every single thing. Yet these are few which i thought myself that people may not know. Here it goes

1) I am a kind of more attached with people i cherish. When i find people are not trustworthy, I just get shattered into pieces and never ever give a try to trust them anymore.

2)When i get bad with temper i just do a live conversation with mind. Sounds funny but a trick to stay cool.

3)I love and fear God to a greater extent.

4)I am a good singer(to my own self :-P)I have even thought why didn't i do any exercise underwater to hone my voice ;) Who knows may be if i have done that, i would have emerged as a great singer outward.

5)Even when people hit me hard, I always find for a reason to talk to them though i know they do it intentionally at times.

6)I love thrill and adventure. Am fearless for any kind of ride. For instance be it dry games or water games!(That have once made me drown in Black Thunder..Luckily it was not that deep:))

7)I have a secret possession where i spell out all my thoughts. I sound stupid at times and sensible at times to that :)

8)I am the most mischievous at home and in fact people at home used to say , I was the real terror at home in my days of childhood.

9)When i love something more, i get more attached with it and never get tired of doing it the hundredth time.

10)I am so crazy in collecting every small things ranging from key chains, stickers to chocolate covers and i still treasure many from years back:)

Will catch u up with my next post NINE LOVES tomorrow :) Until then bidding u bye and have a lovely day ahead :)


  1. Number 3: How can You Fear, if You Love Someone?? #Doubt!!

  2. Athu apdi thaan .. when u love someone truly u fear even the small things that u do may hurt them and u also fear that the person might ignore u coz of the wrng deeds.. same goes ryt with God too :)

  3. apo adha Fear la eluthirukanum!!! :P

  4. Ha ha thats a valid point:) but i never look god fearing outward.. so thats a secret na ;)thatsy included it here :)