Friday, July 22, 2011


Fear is something that i do not allow to prolong. But i do get some fears that pricks me and later i regain strength because of that.

1) I have a fear of losing people. Its something i could not overcome still. I just cannot imagine my loved ones leaving before me. I recouped some strength after losing my dearest grand pa :( That was the time which i dont want to think about even. Only after that i atleast convinced my mind that death is something beyond our hands.

2)During my childhood days i had fear for darkness. I still remember me sleeping only when a night lamp is on.

3)I have a fear for drowning in water bodies. I must have learnt swimming but argghh ran away from the swimming class on the 4th day itself :(

4)I have a fear for playing with pets. I fear for touching them. Earlier we had two parrots in my aunt home shiny and sony:) i love to see them from far but have never made an attempt to even go near that. My bro and sis does that so well.

5)I had a fear of losing friends. Unfortunately that had happened too. people who were close to heart, the ones who have laughed, cried shared secrets with me have gone far away for their own reasons. I still regret for the friend i missed in my life. On the other side in fact that have made me more enduring.

6)I fear for the sound of ambulance. Its like a sort of i have a sad feel whenever i hear that sound. But i do know that is common and have overcome that fear to an extent.

7)I fear for watching horrible shows in TV eventhough i don't believe in such things.

8)I fear for lizards. Pheww they screw me totally.

Ahh done with my fears. That was really hard thinking of things that i fear for. Catch u with my seven wants tomorrow :)

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  1. Shiny and Sony.. koool :)

    You missed out GOD ;):P:P:D