Thursday, May 19, 2011

Missing People:(

Certain people come in to life ,
How it would be if it rains in a desert?!
They bring in such a feel because of their presence!
They are like rainbow, adding colors to life!
They are like raindrops, cooling and comforting pain!
They are like flowers, so lively and make u bright!
They add flavor to the taste of life!
They add rhythm to the wave of thoughts!
They add ecstasy to the wounds of life!
They make u dance amidst the miseries!
They hold u tight and give u a secure feel!
They call just to hear that u r fine!
They make u feel the importance of yourself!
But at some point of time,
Leave u all alone!
Its like hell to stand behind just with the memories
and to yell out loud for getting those moments back:(

U wanna shout
Don't leave me alone
But u know it well that "Its the end"!

U discern it well
That life has to go on
But u keep on murmuring over the absence!

U know it well
Its impossible to be in touch frequently,
But still u bounce for the every single time when your phone bustles!

Though u keep on meeting so many people in every passing day,
No other soul could ever replace the place of loved and dear ones..
Its the ultimate truth
None could ever steal away the place of one where the person has ruled once!
I miss such gems of my life!