Sunday, May 18, 2014


As rightly described by Abraham Maslow, Safety is one of the prime needs of common man but it seems to be hoarded somewhere! It may sound like a cliché but by scanning the zillion incidents happening around us, you all would agree with my previous statement.
Observe a child, he/she always clings to his/her close circle! Have a look at the newly born puppies, it never wants to separate itself from the cuddled warmth of its mom! Observe a mentally challenged person, he/she would scream when a stranger goes near. In all the above quoted instances, safety, a sense of security is all that everyone longs to have!
Considering the broader picture, take the political situation of India. Everybody was clashing to divide the country into different pieces and they claim ownership for every different piece! With the uncertainties of life standing tall, I really wonder why people fight for every single thing. Now that with the change of government, the hopes of common man are really high and I sincerely wish the new government will live up to all our expectations.
The missing Malaysian flight is yet another example. The recent article in Hindu written by one of the family members of the passengers in the Malaysian flight perturbed me a lot. The way each one of us reacted would have been different if it had happened in our own backyard. The tags we attach to the lives of our own sapiens is always lesser when compared to what we value for our own self. Just because it is only 5 Indians in the flight, it doesn’t mean we as a country can take a backseat and watch the rescue operation.
Every single life is precious and a million attempts will not suffice to understand the intricate emotions that each missing passenger’s kith and kin are undergoing right now. It’s high time for a wakeup call. If not now, all our lives would soon be cached under an immovable carpet. Take responsibility for the safety of yourself and also your fellow human being. Wish things would turn out to be soothing in the near future.