Sunday, July 24, 2011


Well again its so tough in just jotting down six places of my choice when i have many many to jot down..

1) KUTRALAM- My most favourite place. Much close to heart. I enjoy just being there. I have spent almost 6 years of my childhood in this place. I would say the most suitable place for kids to adults. Only here i started admiring monkeys. I still remember the day when monkey just meddled with my school bag left outside in the portigo of my home and i really tried hard in fighting back with that :).

2)RAMESHWARAM & DHANUSHKODI- I have been to this place only once but such a lovely one. I enjoyed the sea to such a great extent may be for the first time. That too i remember sitting in the porch at about 9.00PM and was imagining a poem too. And Dhanushkodi i must say the cutest place. Cars could not move on the way to dhanushkodi so we travelled in a vehicle meant for that :) Enjoyed that ride too:) I was questioning nature how come it is so hard hearted to show its anger in such a place years back?! I still remember the way i collected rare stones and all. The image of the sea keeps on flashing even until now.

3)YERCAUD- Inspite of a horror from a narrow escape of being drown in the lake, i still love the place for giving yet another chance to live. such a place of scenic beauty :)

4) DELHI-> Especially THE TAJ MAHAL- Place of such an ecstacy. I really wondered how come men at that age were so innovative in bringing such a wonder on earth?!! When i think of that place , suddenly the guide who accompanied us comes to my mind.Haa so pity on him my brother and i were not at all interested in his talks. We were asking him to stop in tamil knowing that he could not understand :-P. 

5)KANYAKUMARI THIRPARAPPU FALLS- I have been to this place only once and that too in my LKG grade. At those times i was so reluctant to take a wash but my god my family around lifted me and made me stand under the water with huge tears rolling from my eyes out of fear. If i had been there at this age i would have admired it to the core. A place i wanna go soon again :)

6)KERALA- I just love this place have been there a number of times. Wow nature at its best! I just love the rubber farm over there. Inspite of the smell that it brings i have enjoyed going through the long subways with my aunt. It was quite a kind of trecking!
Done with my six places :) I still have many places in mind that i would love to visit again and again. Catch u with Five foods of my choice tomorrow :-)


  1. hmmm i like madurai too :)

  2. adhan anga solalaye.. edhedho solitu.. valathu vita madurai ah marandhtiye!! ;)