Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ahh well i really feel bad on confining my loves to just 9 :( I have many many likings. For the challenge sake let me just list out 9:)

1)My family and friends are  my biggest support.There were times i have been completely down, there were times i have cried searching for a solace,there were times i have rejoiced.In all those good times and bad times without them am just nothing.

2)once reading books was something that i hate the most. Right from childhood i have never made an effort to read a novel or not even a twinkle which was very famous those days. I  have even indulged in hiding many books of my sister because only then she will have a way to play with me;)But all of a sudden i started reading. If i am not wrong i guess i got fond of books at the age of 17. Now i would say reading has become my passion. And in fact books have become my sole companion.

3)Many kids start doing things if they like the teacher who teaches that. I started playing volleyball because of my teacher. By the world's standard  his words are far from eloquent, his works far from wondrous yet in his determination and courage i could see my role model. I have always dreamt of becoming to the level in which he plays the game with atmost perfection.Started playing just like that but sports taught me values for life.I love playing volleyball. Am so passionate about the game.I still remember bunking loads of classes for playing volleyball;-)

4)I love and enjoy rain to a greater extent. At times people get irritated with the rain but for me i think " clouds couldn't resist from crying . How long will it hold tears? Whatever my mood may be either happy or sad i just love it :)

5)Love writing and reading poems to a greater extent.With every peom i read or write i could hear every word echoing close to heart. Am a die hard fan of Vairamuthu's and Thabu shankar's writing.

6)Love to have a long ride now and then. Whenever i drive i feel like flying. May be a weird imagination but love doing so. At times of mood outs just a short drive would even make me better!

7)Love travelling and exploring different places. With that i also have a deep liking towards photography! Eventhough i have nothing to do with the travel i just wanted to. I enjoy the environment, the cool breeze, the never seen places, enjoy hearing songs at that instant, capture stills that i would love to treasure :)

8)Love to have short naps in between. whenever i get bored i just used to have a short nap. I have been blown out of classroom many a times for sleeping during the lectures(pheww some lectures are really damn boring!). Even after being caught i still enjoy the sleep just had :-P

9)Love my home. Where ever i go even to the best places on earth, i find fullest pleasure by just being in home:)
There we go my list of nine loves. Tomorrow fearful 'Eight Fears' x-(


  1. 5) *Thabu Shankar!!

    Perfect 10 :) sorry 9 :P

  2. hoo yeah slight spelling mistake ;) will edit it soon.. well thank yu :)