Thursday, July 28, 2011


The last day of the TEN day challenge which i started ten days back here :)
Well this is my childhood picture. My childhood pics are my most favourite thats why i didn't take any effort in uploading the recent ones.
Hurray done with the challenges :-)That was really great to me for getting to know about myself:) Hope u liked reading. Whoever comes across these posts, may be u could also try taking up this challenge.That might help in exploring yourself.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is really the most toughest of all. i love hearing songs to the core. Very rarely i hear in other languages like hindi and english but tamil songs are my all time favourite :) Well i don't know to actually finalize which song is my most favourite. So i will just spell out the songs which i add to my playlist first whenever i feel like listening to music:)

1) Uyire en uyire

2) Munbe va - This has been my ringtone so long and never wished to replace it even though i got addicted to other songs later.
Done with that. Catch u with my last day's writeup tomorrow :-)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Am not that much into watching movies. I watch very rarely. Even then i find it really hard to list just three :(
Well i will list based on my recent favourites :)

1)Deivathirumagal-  Just loved this movie to the core. It was heart touching. Tears were just rolling down throughout. A great film that portrayed the love and affection  between a father and daughter.

2)Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya- Yet another movie so close to my heart. A very deep portrayal of love. It was hard for the fact that the ending was not happy but still that added a different kind of emotion. I never get bored on watching again and again.

3) Chak de India- A beautifully made film that makes you laugh, makes you cry, gives you goose bumps, and stirs up patriotism inside you. It is a film that every lover of good cinema must watch.

Well done with three films. Catch u with the day 9 challenge tomorrow :-)

Monday, July 25, 2011


The best topic of my choice to write with:) I enjoy reading to the core and its really hard to just say 4 out of so many books that i enjoyed reading.

1) Twilight series- Twilight, New moon, Eclipse and the Breaking Dawn.
          I loved reading this. Such a great try full of imagination. Awesome piece of writing from Stephenie Meyer. Such a kind of love, friendship, possessiveness , horror and a great sense of feel between vampires. It was so thrilling. 

2) Life is what you make it
          An awesome book by preeti shenoy. The writer of '34 Bubblegums and candies'. I got this thought of writing this ten day challenge only from her.The first book which i read at a single stretch. I came through this book just accidentally. We were actually out for a purchase in delhi. My brother was asking me to suggest a book to gift his friend. This book i just took it for the title and told him that his friend would like it for sure because he is a kind of guy who gets upset easily with life. After buying it i decided to read it before he gives as i was so much attracted with the title. I just read in the return journey itself and finally that has turned to be my best book :). Moreover didn't gift that book finally ;-)

3)Tuesdays with Morrie
          A great book on enjoying life even after knowing that death gonna knock so soon. Excellent writing by Mitch Albom. It gives a sense of we should feel fortunate to get even the small things in life and will urge us to enjoy and live life to the fullest amidst the difficulties we face.

4)The Rescue by Nicholas Spark
          This rescue will be different from all others, demanding more than courage alone. It will lead also to a life of rescue perhaps, from a life without love. Such an interesting piece of writing :)
Done with just four books :-( But i love many other books.Especially books of chetan bhagat, Dan brown and love எஸ்ரா 's, வைரமுத்து 's and தபு ஷங்கர்'s writings in tamil:) 


Thinking about food items of my choice is something that i couldn't finalize because am not selective in my food habits. At times i like a dish and have wished to have it often but later towards the same dish i won't show interest. I mean to say that my choice differs often regarding food ;)With all that i have tried to list down five.

1)I love all my mom's preparation. I have never said this to her rather i used to tell her that "she doesn't know to cook well even after years of practice" :-P. But seriously i love all her preparations. Especially she is good in making non veg items.

2)I prefer to have mushroom dishes whenever i go to hotel. With great liking for mushroom even i have become a great expert in the making of it.( Hard to believe na?! but thats true :) )

3)I like all kind of variety rices. Especially tamarind rice is my most favourite.

4)I like chapathi with paneer butter masal. Never get bored with this dish :)

5)potatoes my most favourite one. That too am fond of potato fry, chips and all :)
Done with foods of my choice :) Meet u with the list of my favourite books tomorrow :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Well again its so tough in just jotting down six places of my choice when i have many many to jot down..

1) KUTRALAM- My most favourite place. Much close to heart. I enjoy just being there. I have spent almost 6 years of my childhood in this place. I would say the most suitable place for kids to adults. Only here i started admiring monkeys. I still remember the day when monkey just meddled with my school bag left outside in the portigo of my home and i really tried hard in fighting back with that :).

2)RAMESHWARAM & DHANUSHKODI- I have been to this place only once but such a lovely one. I enjoyed the sea to such a great extent may be for the first time. That too i remember sitting in the porch at about 9.00PM and was imagining a poem too. And Dhanushkodi i must say the cutest place. Cars could not move on the way to dhanushkodi so we travelled in a vehicle meant for that :) Enjoyed that ride too:) I was questioning nature how come it is so hard hearted to show its anger in such a place years back?! I still remember the way i collected rare stones and all. The image of the sea keeps on flashing even until now.

3)YERCAUD- Inspite of a horror from a narrow escape of being drown in the lake, i still love the place for giving yet another chance to live. such a place of scenic beauty :)

4) DELHI-> Especially THE TAJ MAHAL- Place of such an ecstacy. I really wondered how come men at that age were so innovative in bringing such a wonder on earth?!! When i think of that place , suddenly the guide who accompanied us comes to my mind.Haa so pity on him my brother and i were not at all interested in his talks. We were asking him to stop in tamil knowing that he could not understand :-P. 

5)KANYAKUMARI THIRPARAPPU FALLS- I have been to this place only once and that too in my LKG grade. At those times i was so reluctant to take a wash but my god my family around lifted me and made me stand under the water with huge tears rolling from my eyes out of fear. If i had been there at this age i would have admired it to the core. A place i wanna go soon again :)

6)KERALA- I just love this place have been there a number of times. Wow nature at its best! I just love the rubber farm over there. Inspite of the smell that it brings i have enjoyed going through the long subways with my aunt. It was quite a kind of trecking!
Done with my six places :) I still have many places in mind that i would love to visit again and again. Catch u with Five foods of my choice tomorrow :-)

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Its really hard to figurise what we really want in life. Yet have given a try :)

1)I want my childhood days back :( :). Whatever we do nothing matters to the people around. Those were the days of complete freedom.I know i can't get that back but thank god left with atleast memories to cherish.

2)I want a memory that will store only the good ones and completely erase the bad.

3)I want wings to fly as and when needed so that i could visit my dear ones often.

4)I want a book machine that will bring any book just before eyes within just a fraction of minute so that boredom will never knock ;)

5)I want a static age so that i never grew older ;)

6)I have always dreamt of seeing trouble free world. Free from poverty, free from losses, free from natural disasters and all.

7)I want to hear atleast a single person  say " I live because of her". Always wanted to serve people and illuminate the lives of those in trouble.

 Done with my seven wants. I know certainly that my first 5 wants could never be achieved yet it would be fine if that happens through some magic or other ;) My last two wants, am sure that would be accomplished at some point of time in life.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Fear is something that i do not allow to prolong. But i do get some fears that pricks me and later i regain strength because of that.

1) I have a fear of losing people. Its something i could not overcome still. I just cannot imagine my loved ones leaving before me. I recouped some strength after losing my dearest grand pa :( That was the time which i dont want to think about even. Only after that i atleast convinced my mind that death is something beyond our hands.

2)During my childhood days i had fear for darkness. I still remember me sleeping only when a night lamp is on.

3)I have a fear for drowning in water bodies. I must have learnt swimming but argghh ran away from the swimming class on the 4th day itself :(

4)I have a fear for playing with pets. I fear for touching them. Earlier we had two parrots in my aunt home shiny and sony:) i love to see them from far but have never made an attempt to even go near that. My bro and sis does that so well.

5)I had a fear of losing friends. Unfortunately that had happened too. people who were close to heart, the ones who have laughed, cried shared secrets with me have gone far away for their own reasons. I still regret for the friend i missed in my life. On the other side in fact that have made me more enduring.

6)I fear for the sound of ambulance. Its like a sort of i have a sad feel whenever i hear that sound. But i do know that is common and have overcome that fear to an extent.

7)I fear for watching horrible shows in TV eventhough i don't believe in such things.

8)I fear for lizards. Pheww they screw me totally.

Ahh done with my fears. That was really hard thinking of things that i fear for. Catch u with my seven wants tomorrow :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ahh well i really feel bad on confining my loves to just 9 :( I have many many likings. For the challenge sake let me just list out 9:)

1)My family and friends are  my biggest support.There were times i have been completely down, there were times i have cried searching for a solace,there were times i have rejoiced.In all those good times and bad times without them am just nothing.

2)once reading books was something that i hate the most. Right from childhood i have never made an effort to read a novel or not even a twinkle which was very famous those days. I  have even indulged in hiding many books of my sister because only then she will have a way to play with me;)But all of a sudden i started reading. If i am not wrong i guess i got fond of books at the age of 17. Now i would say reading has become my passion. And in fact books have become my sole companion.

3)Many kids start doing things if they like the teacher who teaches that. I started playing volleyball because of my teacher. By the world's standard  his words are far from eloquent, his works far from wondrous yet in his determination and courage i could see my role model. I have always dreamt of becoming to the level in which he plays the game with atmost perfection.Started playing just like that but sports taught me values for life.I love playing volleyball. Am so passionate about the game.I still remember bunking loads of classes for playing volleyball;-)

4)I love and enjoy rain to a greater extent. At times people get irritated with the rain but for me i think " clouds couldn't resist from crying . How long will it hold tears? Whatever my mood may be either happy or sad i just love it :)

5)Love writing and reading poems to a greater extent.With every peom i read or write i could hear every word echoing close to heart. Am a die hard fan of Vairamuthu's and Thabu shankar's writing.

6)Love to have a long ride now and then. Whenever i drive i feel like flying. May be a weird imagination but love doing so. At times of mood outs just a short drive would even make me better!

7)Love travelling and exploring different places. With that i also have a deep liking towards photography! Eventhough i have nothing to do with the travel i just wanted to. I enjoy the environment, the cool breeze, the never seen places, enjoy hearing songs at that instant, capture stills that i would love to treasure :)

8)Love to have short naps in between. whenever i get bored i just used to have a short nap. I have been blown out of classroom many a times for sleeping during the lectures(pheww some lectures are really damn boring!). Even after being caught i still enjoy the sleep just had :-P

9)Love my home. Where ever i go even to the best places on earth, i find fullest pleasure by just being in home:)
There we go my list of nine loves. Tomorrow fearful 'Eight Fears' x-(

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


       It has been a long tym since i wrote something to share. I just got to come across this kind of stuff and thought to give it a try. In fact exploring oneself is more like digging, once u start digging u get more else it just remains. My 10 day challenge goes here :)

       Am usually very outspoken and people who are close to my heart almost know every single thing. Yet these are few which i thought myself that people may not know. Here it goes

1) I am a kind of more attached with people i cherish. When i find people are not trustworthy, I just get shattered into pieces and never ever give a try to trust them anymore.

2)When i get bad with temper i just do a live conversation with mind. Sounds funny but a trick to stay cool.

3)I love and fear God to a greater extent.

4)I am a good singer(to my own self :-P)I have even thought why didn't i do any exercise underwater to hone my voice ;) Who knows may be if i have done that, i would have emerged as a great singer outward.

5)Even when people hit me hard, I always find for a reason to talk to them though i know they do it intentionally at times.

6)I love thrill and adventure. Am fearless for any kind of ride. For instance be it dry games or water games!(That have once made me drown in Black Thunder..Luckily it was not that deep:))

7)I have a secret possession where i spell out all my thoughts. I sound stupid at times and sensible at times to that :)

8)I am the most mischievous at home and in fact people at home used to say , I was the real terror at home in my days of childhood.

9)When i love something more, i get more attached with it and never get tired of doing it the hundredth time.

10)I am so crazy in collecting every small things ranging from key chains, stickers to chocolate covers and i still treasure many from years back:)

Will catch u up with my next post NINE LOVES tomorrow :) Until then bidding u bye and have a lovely day ahead :)