Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Am not that much into watching movies. I watch very rarely. Even then i find it really hard to list just three :(
Well i will list based on my recent favourites :)

1)Deivathirumagal-  Just loved this movie to the core. It was heart touching. Tears were just rolling down throughout. A great film that portrayed the love and affection  between a father and daughter.

2)Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya- Yet another movie so close to my heart. A very deep portrayal of love. It was hard for the fact that the ending was not happy but still that added a different kind of emotion. I never get bored on watching again and again.

3) Chak de India- A beautifully made film that makes you laugh, makes you cry, gives you goose bumps, and stirs up patriotism inside you. It is a film that every lover of good cinema must watch.

Well done with three films. Catch u with the day 9 challenge tomorrow :-)