Monday, July 25, 2011


Thinking about food items of my choice is something that i couldn't finalize because am not selective in my food habits. At times i like a dish and have wished to have it often but later towards the same dish i won't show interest. I mean to say that my choice differs often regarding food ;)With all that i have tried to list down five.

1)I love all my mom's preparation. I have never said this to her rather i used to tell her that "she doesn't know to cook well even after years of practice" :-P. But seriously i love all her preparations. Especially she is good in making non veg items.

2)I prefer to have mushroom dishes whenever i go to hotel. With great liking for mushroom even i have become a great expert in the making of it.( Hard to believe na?! but thats true :) )

3)I like all kind of variety rices. Especially tamarind rice is my most favourite.

4)I like chapathi with paneer butter masal. Never get bored with this dish :)

5)potatoes my most favourite one. That too am fond of potato fry, chips and all :)
Done with foods of my choice :) Meet u with the list of my favourite books tomorrow :)


  1. Tamarind rice ah!? SEMMA COMEDY!!!!!

  2. Athula ena unaku comedy ?! serious aave enaku remba pidikum.. :)

  3. hmmm.. naanga lam tour la matum than adhelam sapduvom!! ;) :P