Saturday, July 23, 2011


Its really hard to figurise what we really want in life. Yet have given a try :)

1)I want my childhood days back :( :). Whatever we do nothing matters to the people around. Those were the days of complete freedom.I know i can't get that back but thank god left with atleast memories to cherish.

2)I want a memory that will store only the good ones and completely erase the bad.

3)I want wings to fly as and when needed so that i could visit my dear ones often.

4)I want a book machine that will bring any book just before eyes within just a fraction of minute so that boredom will never knock ;)

5)I want a static age so that i never grew older ;)

6)I have always dreamt of seeing trouble free world. Free from poverty, free from losses, free from natural disasters and all.

7)I want to hear atleast a single person  say " I live because of her". Always wanted to serve people and illuminate the lives of those in trouble.

 Done with my seven wants. I know certainly that my first 5 wants could never be achieved yet it would be fine if that happens through some magic or other ;) My last two wants, am sure that would be accomplished at some point of time in life.

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