Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gonna Miss!

How it would be when you are all alone in a massive island? How it would be when you are in the street in the midnight searching for your pavement?How would you feel when you lost yourself in your dreams?With such chaotic thoughts in mind, with stupendous number of hopes, with quite large number of dreams, with loads of excitement, with the thirst of foreseeing the days ahead, the brand new day of my life started--The First day of my college life :)

In every bounce of my new experiences, in every moment of joy, in every single flash of my thoughts, in every brink of my eye i felt the nostalgia of my school life. Until that point of time i was with the thought "school days , the heart of everyone's life".. later on days got rolled off and i had a swivel of being in a most comfortable place. Its that moment wherein i got a thought "college days, the heartbeat of everyone's life"..Hurray! i started enjoying college life from there on.

Friends, the most sweetest part in everybody's vivacity. Its friends who made me glow bright all the time, Its my friends who patted me when am down, its my friends who gave me confidence to rise , its my friends who gave me courage to do fraudulent activities :P(only at times like staying out of classes), its my friends who stole my tears away,its my friends who are always right beside me. For all those who are destined to travel with me throughout my heartfelt gratitude for making me live with your presence.

Some days of college were cherishable, which gave energy to hold on..some days were adorable, which gave spark to be noted on memory lane.. some days were melancholic, which made us stronger to face odd situations..some days were victorious, which gave us moments to realize ourself.. some days were challenging, which made us know the real ourself.. Almost gone through all days in all dates of these years.

Never ending chit chats, time up lectures, frightening exams, sleeping hour , permanent shelter in canteen, outstanding classes, irregular assignments, lab time stories, record works, war provoking culturals, enjoyable games, lullaby seminars, curriculam breaking workshops everything gonna end ! change has never been without visiting anybody. Realizing it in every moment of living nowadays!

The life that gave everlasting friendships, longstanding love, memorable experiences, hard lessons for lifetime, prestigious degree for the elevation of rest of our living, the life that gave us huge number of thoughts that we never had before can never be forgotten . certain memories are pricking to remember but difficult to forget. on the other side we long for certain memories to be happening forever but we are left with the curse of the past being folded :(. Only the happenings get folded but the memories are held for lifetime. Though life keeps on taking diversions, college memories are infact kept intact. Gonna miss the most freedom centric part of life :(.
-With a desire to be in touch always..