Sunday, October 30, 2011

Whatever May be ~SMILE~!

 Its long time since i posted something out on blog. Was searching for topics to write and finally ended up with this..

Smile--The most powerful tool, the consoling language, the motivating factor, the charming response, the most innate refresher, the most influential apology! It portrays the rhythm of your mind, elegance of your heart and thousand meanings for your silence at times. Smile can change a devastating situation. Every new day as and when you get up just take a minute time to exclaim at your own image and wear a smile. Am sure that will make you power packed for the whole day.

A sincere smile is a wonderful thing. A person who has earned reputation because of that would probably know the value of it. Even the chat medium is facilitated with loads of smileys. I often use such kind of smileys. I remember once i was not in a mood to use any of that kind and a very dear friend of mine just guessed the mood of mine with the missing smileys. Judging something not face to face may sometimes be wrong but what i mean here is even in chat medium smile has a great power. Just imagine how much influence it will have face to face!

Be it any kind, say for instance if someone says u are overweight immediately we will tend to wear a short face. Instead smile :) its after all a number. Smiling at people can bring them a sense of friendliness. A friend of mine would laugh all of a sudden. By seeing that obviously we will laugh making fun. While asking the reason for his smile, he used to say he laughed thinking of something that happened earlier, or he would say he laughed remembering a joke sequence. Whatever the reason may be for his laugh but for a moment he had spread the laughter around.

Smiling at disagreeable remarks will make you strong, smiling changes even the worst of moods, smiling at times of defeat portrays u as sportive, smiling at anger will make ur temper cool, smiling makes you feel successful, smiling at times can become the reason for someone's happiness, smiling at others will help them motivate( I mean a gentle smile and not a sound laugh that in turn would irritate people :->), smiling conveys much more than words positively and negatively so a genuine smile is the most priceless possession. Smiling through eyes conveys much more. While posing for photographs i literally used to show my teeth when i was young. A dad of my friend by seeing that , he used to say learn to smile with your eyes that will make you more pleasant. But until now i haven't learnt that art but i have admired a number of people who master that.

Its definitely hard to smile at all circumstances but i have observed from things that doing so can be the medicine for a number of problems. Smile no matter what may be , the fragrance will spread not just to u but also to people around :)