Thursday, May 19, 2011

Missing People:(

Certain people come in to life ,
How it would be if it rains in a desert?!
They bring in such a feel because of their presence!
They are like rainbow, adding colors to life!
They are like raindrops, cooling and comforting pain!
They are like flowers, so lively and make u bright!
They add flavor to the taste of life!
They add rhythm to the wave of thoughts!
They add ecstasy to the wounds of life!
They make u dance amidst the miseries!
They hold u tight and give u a secure feel!
They call just to hear that u r fine!
They make u feel the importance of yourself!
But at some point of time,
Leave u all alone!
Its like hell to stand behind just with the memories
and to yell out loud for getting those moments back:(

U wanna shout
Don't leave me alone
But u know it well that "Its the end"!

U discern it well
That life has to go on
But u keep on murmuring over the absence!

U know it well
Its impossible to be in touch frequently,
But still u bounce for the every single time when your phone bustles!

Though u keep on meeting so many people in every passing day,
No other soul could ever replace the place of loved and dear ones..
Its the ultimate truth
None could ever steal away the place of one where the person has ruled once!
I miss such gems of my life!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thrust aside the feeling of loneliness!

A gentle drop,
Its the best that a rain could do
Just to say "I still remember to visit U"..

A cool breeze,
Its the best that air could offer
Just to utter "I am always there to carry U invisibly"..

A giggling resonance,
Its the best a bird could give
Just to say "I listen to UR murmur always"..

A powerful glow,
Its the best that light could furnish
Just to make shadow say "U r never alone" with me beside..

To a heart that cries,
To a soul that longs,
To a mind that recalls good times,
To those who reside with desperate loneliness,
Just remember "U r never alone"..
With nature at our doorstep,
With nature to hold on,
With nature beside us,
For sure it just evades solitude!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Life is what you make it..

              Just today i happened to read a book " LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT". I randomly picked up this book. Usually i have the habit of buying the books only if i know about the authors well. But with this i just picked it up for the title.A very powerful story of love, hope and how determination can even overcome destiny..

              What would v do if destiny twisted the road v took? what if it threw us to a place v did not want to go? Would v fight, would v run or would v accept?'Life is what you make it' is a gripping account of a few significant years of Ankita's life. She has the world at her feet. She is young, good looking, smart, and has tonnes of friends. She got everything that she dreamt off. She is never least to anybody and makes the environment at a high five. Every person who come across her develop a sense of liking towards her. Its not just because of her beauty but because her attitude too. A long train of events happened in her life. All of a sudden she had a intense feel of miserable fear that overruled her and she was thrown down to earth and finally ended up in a mental health hospital. How did she get there? what made a great transformation? and how she overcome the hurdles lined up? is the story all about. It is deeply moving and inspiring account of growing up, of the power of faith and how determination can overcome even what destiny throws at us.

               Its a tale, at its core a love story that makes us question our beliefs about ourselves and our concept of sanity and forces us to believe that life is truly what one makes it.. Please do read it if possible. 

Help ever!

I could hear them 
crying out,
starving for food,
craving for money..
I could see them 
worn out..
I could sense 
the loss of smiles on faces
when somebody says NO!

             This is the state of individuals who depend on others for making their basic needs. People are born on earth with equal talents. But why is that destiny of people differs?! Some rich and some poor, some happy and some sad, some satisfied and some dissatisfied. At times v say when someone begs for money, 'you are gifted with good hands and legs and y don't u work and make out your living?'. At this moment v forget to realize and analyse what kind of worst situation would the person have undergone which had led him to this extent?!Until one fine day when i come across such people i at times offer and at times i don't. Its my dad who made me a strong note to think off. 
             My dad is usually a very kind hearted person and never ever says no to anyone of that kind. He helps to the maximum extent he could. One fine day myself and my dad were walking and my dad offered the eatables that we bought to a roadside person who was starving. At that moment he told me a very valuable thought.He said every person who is desperate at this state has only one hope that people that he come across would help him and thats the belief he has and waits in every odds of climate with a belief that he could make his living some way or other. How would he feel dejected when we don't offer?! He said its like something that v had crushed his belief. He also said v may not b able afford things that would make his entire living but every single drop of help that v grant will definitely make a drastic change in his life. The change may be not for the lifetime but at least for a day he remains happy. I was stunned at such thoughts flowing out from him and i was wondering y didn't i even had such kind of thoughts ?!That moment i sensed a responsibility in me to do the maximum that i could afford.
              The intention of this post is that i wanna share the things that brought a change in my mind to all so that every single change in yours could make a living!Lets all make a owe to help the poor and needy at all times possible. Every single motion of smile that v c in others that too because of us will really give a huge satisfaction to both us and the receiver too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hai friends :)
              Nice to catch u all after a longggggggggggggggggg time. My blog have been idle for months together and am here with a post to make it alive:) Recently i had been to Delhi and it was one of the most memorable ever.. Amidst so much experiences at different places i never knew a language will give quite comic and tragic memory to remind off :)..

               We happened to visit one of the well known bazaars of delhi, the palika bazaar. Known for its name, underground construction and ofcourse for the huge price with which u can even bargain and get an item for the lowest cost. Before going itself v heard from few people that the goods may not be reliable and would be at the high cost. So we were cautious in purchasing.. We purchased quite a few number of good things and finally my brother ended up in a shop for getting Playstation cd's( one which guys of his grade are crazy about).. When we popped into the shop we all suggested him not to buy it and it may not work.. And with one final condition we agreed to buy if the shopkeepers checks the cd's and confer it to us.. We asked for the shopkeeper to check and he said that he couldn't though he had the sufficient PS to check over there.. 

                Then v moved on to the next shop and asked for the same and that particular shopkeeper was so candid that he accepted to check the cd's which v buy there.. He led us to another shop apart from his and finally v ended up in the same shop where v had been just a couple of minutes bak ;) The shopkeeper was looking horrible and accepted to check finally.. To our great expectation the first cd didn't work.. From talking to the shopkeeper before v presumed that the person knows only hindi as he was replying only in hindi for all that v asked.. And when the cd didn't work v were all talking to my bro like this is the thing that happens everywhere and v were telling him not to buy and was even talking about the shopkeepers tactics in selling the cd's , scolded him inbetween with a boldness that he doesn't know tamil..  And then too he went on with the second cd and to his fortune it worked well.. He turned back to my brother and said "தம்பி இந்த சிடி வொர்க் ஆகுது ".. He said that and gave a very strange look.Oh my god .. We were taken back and especially me! Was struck by the fact that he do knows tamil.. Just managed the situation and walked away.. With few steps away v all bursted out with laughter for having made such a fuzz and infact had no other other way to react over that. Still that person's face haunts me... I was just wondering what all comedies v make when v have a language barrier.. The situation gets tough at tyms and comic at tyms when u dont understand the opponent's word and either on the other side he/she understand ur lang.. Ofcourse one of the memorable incident and for godsake should not meet that shopkeeper again if i happened to be in delhi:)

Moral: Appearances are deceptive.. very true in this case.. And v must know atleast to communicate the basic thoughts in different languages that too when v go for different places..