Monday, July 25, 2011


The best topic of my choice to write with:) I enjoy reading to the core and its really hard to just say 4 out of so many books that i enjoyed reading.

1) Twilight series- Twilight, New moon, Eclipse and the Breaking Dawn.
          I loved reading this. Such a great try full of imagination. Awesome piece of writing from Stephenie Meyer. Such a kind of love, friendship, possessiveness , horror and a great sense of feel between vampires. It was so thrilling. 

2) Life is what you make it
          An awesome book by preeti shenoy. The writer of '34 Bubblegums and candies'. I got this thought of writing this ten day challenge only from her.The first book which i read at a single stretch. I came through this book just accidentally. We were actually out for a purchase in delhi. My brother was asking me to suggest a book to gift his friend. This book i just took it for the title and told him that his friend would like it for sure because he is a kind of guy who gets upset easily with life. After buying it i decided to read it before he gives as i was so much attracted with the title. I just read in the return journey itself and finally that has turned to be my best book :). Moreover didn't gift that book finally ;-)

3)Tuesdays with Morrie
          A great book on enjoying life even after knowing that death gonna knock so soon. Excellent writing by Mitch Albom. It gives a sense of we should feel fortunate to get even the small things in life and will urge us to enjoy and live life to the fullest amidst the difficulties we face.

4)The Rescue by Nicholas Spark
          This rescue will be different from all others, demanding more than courage alone. It will lead also to a life of rescue perhaps, from a life without love. Such an interesting piece of writing :)
Done with just four books :-( But i love many other books.Especially books of chetan bhagat, Dan brown and love எஸ்ரா 's, வைரமுத்து 's and தபு ஷங்கர்'s writings in tamil:) 

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