Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thrust aside the feeling of loneliness!

A gentle drop,
Its the best that a rain could do
Just to say "I still remember to visit U"..

A cool breeze,
Its the best that air could offer
Just to utter "I am always there to carry U invisibly"..

A giggling resonance,
Its the best a bird could give
Just to say "I listen to UR murmur always"..

A powerful glow,
Its the best that light could furnish
Just to make shadow say "U r never alone" with me beside..

To a heart that cries,
To a soul that longs,
To a mind that recalls good times,
To those who reside with desperate loneliness,
Just remember "U r never alone"..
With nature at our doorstep,
With nature to hold on,
With nature beside us,
For sure it just evades solitude!


  1. Hey grtttt d... sema... its really true... u can never be alone until yu accept yur loneliness...but yu cud have added this tooo!!

    No one can forget the lines of vairamuthu

    Innisai matum ilaiyendraal nan endro iranthirupen:)