Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What if there is no Internet?

           What if the satellite crashes? What if there comes a situation where all the systems on earth remain idle even after repeated bumps on keyboard? What if all the Internet Service Providers vanish all of a sudden? In a highly volatile world we live in, even the eeriest of things are likely to happen. Take, for instance, the severing of three underwater optical cables in 2008, which led to widespread outages in India, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern countries. After an investigation, authorities attributed the damage to dropped anchors. What if the same happens again and what if that anchor drop never comes into picture to be our savior?

Without internet, marriages will really be made in heaven and not through matrimonial sites anymore :-P, we will learn to face the book rather than sitting for a long time in facebook, our neurons will get activated which has not happened ever since our birth, we will not empty our pockets for net boosters, we will once again get back to the traditional way of writing letters, libraries will be unusually crowded, retail stores will find a meaning for their existence and ultimately many innovative brains will emerge!

Envisage TSM campus without Wi-Fi for a week. That has happened and all of us knew how crazy we became switching from room to room asking for assignments to copy:-P, looking for cell phones to play games, eyeing the case studies from all directions not knowing how to proceed, going to bed early (which was very unusual:-P), getting up late (which was usual:-P) and what not? At least now, do you agree that we had been communicating with avatars rather than humans in our everyday life? For a change, why don’t we unplug ourselves from the hold of internet at least a day in a week to take a pause and gaze at the beauty of the world we live in? Of course without internet, the world will not end. You will survive, I will survive and probably we will become the survival of the fittest then!

PS: This article was written keeping TSM campus in mind! For readers outside the purview of my college, I wish you read this from a different perspective.


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