Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Narrow Escapes - Part 1

I was thinking of topics to write. And finally thought why I shouldn't give a try to explore narrow escapes in my life. Right from childhood I have been the naughtiest person at home. Literally a little devil, who always will leave someone run behind (Not fans but rather monitors :P) Many a times the little things I do have led to drastic effects. But life should have a thrill always na? :P Will that not be dull if I had remained idle always.

I used to play with my dad’s scooter. I was that skilled to drive a static scooter;) once the scooter was standing still and petrol was leaking drop by drop. I had many other priorities to do which include fighting with my bro and sis, playing with neighborhood friends on streets, nagging mom asking to take me out somewhere. With all that I rather chose to stay at home and explore my dad’s scooter. An idea sparked my mind and I took match box and tried lighting it. You might wonder why did I do that at that point of time? But I did that to light the petrol drops that were lying on the floor. My mom who has searched me for a longer time caught me doing this and finally I faced the consequences(A little bit of blows that’s all :P). That was the very first narrow escape in life.

Forgot to say, my arrival to this world itself was a very big narrow escape. My mom told me the story. During the time of my birth, it had been a very tough time to my mom. The doctors have told that if the surgery is not been done immediately it will be a win lose situation to either the child or to the mother. After a huge struggle luckily they saved both of us. May be there would have been a purpose for God!

Once me and my sister were playing with beads. You might wonder what is that so great with that? At that time I was at the age of 5 hardly and my sis was a year old. She was having the packet of beads and she was placing that in her nose one by one. And I was also looking as if I am looking at a magician. I didn't know about the consequences at that age. Later on one bead got struck in her nose in between and my mom saw that accidentally and she started crying with the helpless situation. Later on we called the doctor and fortunately things didn't go bad.

My next adventure was in my school days. I was good at athletics at that point of time(To people who are imagining me running, I was lean that time :P) My school was full of trees. I was fortunate enough to have a very good learning atmosphere. From my classroom I could see the falls, greeneries all over. Yeah it was kutralam, the most beautiful place I love the most. Since it was full of trees, there would be numerous visitors to our school. I mean snakes, monkeys and varieties of insects, bugs, mosquitoes and what not?! On that particular day of my running competition I was all set on my track waiting to hear that on your mark, get set, go….! But to my surprise that didn't happen and I could hear that screaming sound. I was too concentrated to even look around and see. I was like the moment I hear the signal, I will make hype and run as if I will keep running even beyond the end line. Only then I saw something moving in my track and to my huge shock, it was a snake! Phew, I got too scared, frightened and I almost felt like screaming so loud. That was my yet another narrow escape!
          I had been typing for a long time and so lemme take a break.. Will get back to you with Narrow Escapes – Part 2 sooner


  1. Biggest Escape for u would be the one when u guys came back from saathur along with me while i drove :P Good Read :)\m/

  2. Ha Ha yup ofcourse true :-P