Friday, September 9, 2011

A short story!

       Nice to meet u all with a post after a long time :) This particular topic i thought to write while reading an article. Its purely fictional.

       True love is always cherishable. How long it lasted doesn't matter but how much it had created an impact in you matters for a lifetime. Here is the story of a guy about the love he had and the changes life have imposed on him.

       Right from the moment i met her in my life, i got an intense feel of me owning herself. In every thing she does, i felt a sense of synchronization,  in every wave of her smile i felt my nerves getting rejuvenated, in every word she spoke i felt its intended for me, In every little gesture she did, i felt she listens to me.

       Days were moving like anything. Every day seemed to be a second.The day which i never wanna travel through, the day when i never want the sun to rise above the screens of sky, the day which has come so sooner than expected was THE LAST DAY together and THE FIRST DAY to move further alone with just memories left behind. The time has come to take a new path. I have never let her know about my thoughts for her and strangely i assumed may be she knows it already with my actions. I took several rehearsals to convey my thoughts.I had a sense of being dejected with the thought 'Am i so crazy to think like this for the girl  about whom i don't even know well?'With all such conversations in mind, i was hit by a notebook, i just rushed to turn and i found her beside me. She was so elegant with the best of her smile, with the grace of her attire, with the liveliness of her eyes, with million words of her silence. I just wanna shout that i love her and i always want her but i regained my conscience and didn't let me do that. Instead i was just standing numb admiring her.

        Life is carved in its own way of surprises. It was then i heard the most magical words from her." Being with you has been a treasure always and i long to get it for matter how i mean to u but u mean everything to me and I LOVE YOU". I was pinching and checking my senses. I was on extreme cloud nine. It was the most beautiful song ever heard, most liveliest words ever said, most priceless moment ever given and the most emotional feel ever felt. I gathered my senses to yell out back to her the same words locked in my lips. I was standing dumbstruck.

        It was then i was knocked and awaken from sleep. Only then i realized the intensity of dream that have crept through me. I was completely scattered with the memories 50 years back. The dream of my unsaid love. The thing which i never wanna recall. I was cursing myself for, beyond every changes in life y did i get such a dream?! May be to make me think of her for the life that is bestowed on me for which am grateful. The real silent LAST DAY had given me this life. If it had been the way it was how in my dreams, my life would have been different may be good or bad. Rather i am glad it didn't happen and cherish the present for its own flavor. I value and salute life for its belief on me in spite of my imperfections at times.