Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday :)

        In life, people always long for a companion. The one with whom we can play our pranks, fight with, laugh with. I never knew what was happening right before my eyes at the age of 4. Yes i was just 4 years when that special something in life happened exactly on sep 12, 1994 :)

        I remember how my mother struggled to manage loads of pain with every little laughter. She is an warehouse of patience for all my mischief. She was the best and She is the best. Even at times of her trouble she never missed an ounce to take care of me, to love me, to hug me, to giggle with me. She is always special and i remember every single thing about how she was the backbone in bringing me up. Even on that neck moment on sep 12, She has cried a lot to my grandma telling her that am so mischievous, asking her to bare with all that i do and pleading her to take care of me. Amidst all these i knew nothing and i was busy fighting with my cousin for crayons. But now i could feel the pain in my nerve when realizing how much my mom had loved me and how far she had the fear of losing me.

        It was then the most beautiful moment in life happened. " The birth of my twin brother and sister". The cutest darlings to love me, to admire me, to kick me, to fight with me, to make my childhood a memorable one". At that age i knew nothing except the fact that small kids are there and i was wondering why mom stays at hospital?! But now i know well they are meant to travel with me :)

        Now we are grown ups and i have mixed feeling for we gonna be in different career and different paths of life. Though we share the most wonderful bond of love, we never let each other know ;) Its time to tell them on this special day that no matter what may be but truly i treasure you both for everything we shared between us. Love you beyond everything. And heres wishing you both a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY :).. Wish you both the brightest and best thing to happen in life always. May god bless you with abundant happiness, success in your efforts and an ever lasting peace in heart.


  1. very true ma :) :) its the most beautiful b'day wish ever :)

  2. Adadae! Shirley missed everything because of my fear that my love should not be split in bringing her up. And also some fear was in my mind that if I had gone during another delivery who will look after her in those days because of my tender health. Any how Shirley missed all these feelings, sharing etc and learned to treat you 3 as her own brother and sisters.I wish you 4 should be together in all your upcoming and downfalls.Periamma.

  3. @Shirley: Yah ma just thot to do sth diff :)

  4. @periamma: kandipa ma she is truly our treasure.. U dont worry that she had missed everything.. not at all, in every single memory of our childhood v 4 r there and thats really an awesome memories foreva :)